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Who is D.K. Arndt, P.C.?Back

We are a team of professionals with the various personal, business and practical experiences required to assist our clients in maximizing their potential.

What does D.K. Arndt, P.C. do?Back

At D.K. Arndt, P.C. we strive to work with a common purpose, to build lasting relationships that create value for our clients and their businesses by assisting them in achieving their financial goals. We have the experience to provide our clients with personal, reliable and practical solutions, which allows the clients to pursue their strategic goals.

Why does D.K. Arndt, P.C. do what it does?Back

Community is very important at D. K. Arndt, P.C. It is our belief that by creating value for our clients in the communities we serve, we are partnering with them to help them become more successful. If our clients are successful, the communities in which we all live will become more vibrant and progressive, encouraging additional growth.

How does D.K. Arndt, P.C. work with clients?Back

Value is a product of trust... the trust our clients have in us; and the trust we have in our people, strategies and systems. We know that value and trust are also the ingredients of a quality relationship that is earned over time. At D.K. Arndt, P.C. we take the time to ensure that we understand the critical issues facing our clients. It is not until after we understand these concerns that we can bring together the technical expertise required to create the solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

What makes D.K. Arndt, P.C. different?Back

Our clients are the center of all we do and their satisfaction is our primary concern. By creating an environment that the shareholders and staff enjoy, we are better able to serve our clients. As a result, our clients are served by people who enjoy what they do. We are an individualized team with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. This diversity fosters an environment in which each individual is able to contribute his/her particular expertise and experience to help accomplish the various projects in a more informed and knowledgeable manner. At D.K. Arndt, P.C. we work very hard to be the very best that we can be. We also believe that family and relaxation are vital aspects of a well-rounded life and encourage everyone to develop interests and activities outside of the office environment.

Why do business with D.K. Arndt, P.C.?Back

Our personal relationship with each client is our strongest asset. We feel the foundation of a long-lasting relationship should be built on trust. We provide "big-city" value with a "small-town" touch by keeping keep our core values at the heart of everything we do. We take the time and have the expertise to meet our clients' individual financial needs. At D.K. Arndt, P.C., "We are your partner in achieving financial goals."

About DKA

D.K. Arndt is a full service CPA firm focused in being "Your Partner In Achieving Your Financial Goals".


"I am so thankful for all that DK Arndt was able to help me out with my tax prep. Running two businesses & with a growing family, taxes are something that I don't have time to worry about."

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2015 Social Security Wage Base Increases to $118,500

Whether you require tax, bookkeeping, payroll, or consulting services, D.K. Arndt will fill the role. As "Your Partner In Achieving Financial Goals", your success is our mission.